Visitor centres

Seven of Statkraft's hydropower plants are open for visitors. In them you find regional information centres, where visitors can find expositions and multimedia shows, as well as guided tours of the plant.

Rheidol, Wales

The plant and the Visitor centre can be found in beautiful surroundings near Aberystwyth on Wales' western coast.  Rheidol Visitor Centre is open at Easter Weekend, and from May 1 until September 30, every day between 10:30 and 16:15. Tours of the Power station can be arranged. Group are received year round. For group bookings call +44 1970 880 667.

Laholm, Southern Sweden

The plant by Lagan ha a modern visitor centre. Between June 1 and August 31 it's open from 09:00 until 15:30. Out of season bookings can be made at +46 (0) 300 562400.

For visits at the power plants in Norway, rules for safety preparedness applies. These are Statkraft's responsibility.

Sima power plant

From the middle of June until the middle of August there are tours of the plant at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00. For tours at other times, please contact Destinasjon Eidfjord at + 47 53673400.

Sima power plant can be found at the end of the Hardanger Fjord, in Sima valley, about 6 km from Eidfjord. The way to the plant is well marked in Eidfjord.

Mår power plant

The plant is open to the public monday through friday, from June 20 until August 20, with a tour at 12:00. For more information, contact Rjukan Turistkontor at + 47 35080550. Schools and groups can get tours the year round.

Mår power plant is 5 km southeast of Rjukan in Telemark, by highway 37.

Aura power plant

Tours all year round, monday to friday, between 08:00 and 15:00. For information, contact Terje Høydal at + 47 71694320.

Aura power plant is at the bottom of the Sunndal fjord, 3 km from Sunndalsøra in Møre og Romsdal.

Alta power plant

Visit the Alta dam, with a guided tour. Arranged all year round, by local tour operators. No tour of the plant itself. Contact Henriette Bismo Eilertsen, Flyspesialisten, on + 47 78445050 for information.

Alta power plant can be found 46 km from Alta in Finnmark. The road to the plant leaves the E6 highway 4 km north of Alta, but the road is closed for public traffic.

Jostedal power plant

The power station is currently closed for tours due to reconstruction.

Jostedal is a visitors plant with its own guide, open from June 20 until August 20, with three tours every day at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00. Closed Saturday and Sunday.

The plant can be found 15 km from the centre of Gaupne.

Contact Tanja Fiskaa Haugen on +47 57689226 or Steinar Stensli on +47 57689261 for more information.


Vest Telemark Museum - Eidsborg

Vest Telemark Museum - Eidsborg is a combination of modern museum activity and showroom for Statkraft. One part of the museum is designed as a display center for Statkraft, which has a model of an aggregate of Tokke plants. In another model, the public can pump water up to a reservoir, such as opening a door so the water flows into a turbine that spins around a generator, which ultimately produces light in a model of Hotel Dalen. A visit can be combined with a stay at the valley hotel, canal cruises and a tour to Tokke plants.

Read more about the Vest Telemark Museum.


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